Project Chew

This project was carried out by Revolve CI for a client in Chew Magna. The project required us to work with interior designers ‘Inspired Design’ to design and fit a cinema room within the home.

As the images illustrate the final completed room was a high calibre mix of technology and interior aesthetics. The main screen was 12 foot in size, we used a Seymour Acoustically Transparent Anamorphic screen which meant that gave a visually increased sense of immersion that only a curved screen can offer This was complimented by a Sony projector offering the ultimate in picture quality.

The cinema room accommodates luxurious leather chairs with transducers – vibration that work in unison with the sound track of a film. Control4 automated system was installed for both the heating and lighting, providing the perfect cinematic experience. We encountered a couple of challenged with this project which we worked to overcome and resolved. These included having to alter the roof construction by removing all the timbers and in place installing steel beams to allow the room to have that open, airy, cinema ambience which the photographs demonstrate clearly. Secondly we had a custom built stage system so that we could accommodate the front row configuration.

The finished project was simply perfect!