Project Hinton

For this project, Revolve CI had to turnaround the installation of a Control4 automation system as well as a projector and screen for a cinema room all within a week when ordinarily it should have taken a month. We worked closely alongside Alli Interior designer who help design the layout of the cinema room. All of the electronics were subtly placed in 19″ rack custom fitted in an antique cupboard.

Sony VPL-VW500ES – Projector 4k, Integra 60.6 DT60 AV receiver, MK150 System – MKMP150 up front and MKSS150 Surround speakers MK X10 Sub woofers x 2, Oppo Blu-ray BDP-95, Seymour Acoustically Transparent Anamorphic Screen

A Control4 automation system was also installed to manage each aspect of the house.